10 Funny Google Assistant Commands


There are many commands that you can give to your Google Assistant. It’s an extremely useful tool that can organize your schedule, inform you of the weather, tell you directions to places and do many more things.

Still, this doesn’t mean all of those commands have to be “serious”, you can also have some fun with your assistant. There are also quite a bit of funny commands you can give to your Google Assistant with some hilarious responses. Here are ten of them with some answers as well.

    Command: Can you rap? The answer sometimes varies, but they are all pretty funny.

    Command: Do you like iPhones?
    Answer: “I’m an Android fan. But I might be biased”

    Command: Can you pass the Turing test?
    Answer: “I don’t mind if you can tell I’m not human. As long as I’m helpful, I’m all good.”

    Command: Did you fart? Again, the answer here sometimes varies.

    Command: Do you want to be human? This one has got a quite an interesting response.

    Command: What am I thinking right now? I won’t spoil this one as it’s a pretty neat response.

    Command: Do you have feelings? This one also has a different response sometimes.

    Command: Crystal ball. The response a bit long, but definitely worth trying out.

    Command: Do you like Yahoo?
    Answer: “There’s a lot to know about that company. I can do a search for you :D

    Command: I’m feeling lucky. With this command, you’ll be basically playing a game but I won’t go into details, try it for yourself.

There are many more and you can find a lot of them by experimenting, so don’t hesitate to do that, there are some pretty funny responses.
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