10 Google Assistant Commands to Plan Your Day


There is no denying that the Google Assistant is a very helpful tool and that it can help you in your everyday endeavors. It has the ability to execute many various commands, even some ridiculous ones.

That being said, your primary use of Google Assistant’s capabilities will probably be centered around planning your day and everything that comes with it. With that in mind, here are ten commands that can help you do just that.

    Command: What am I doing today? This will help check your schedule, notify you of any reminders you might have. Will also tell you about the weather and the latest news.

    Command: Set an alarm for… This is helpful if you want to set up a specific time for something or to set the time for waking up.

    Commands: How far is it from… or How long does it take… When you specify the place, Google Assistant will give you directions and also calculate the distance.

    Command: Set a reminder for… This will set a reminder for what you specify. Useful in every day to day basis.

    Commands: What’s on my shopping list? or Add … to my shopping list. With these commands, you can check and add items to your shopping list. Unfortunately, it can’t remove items, you’ll have to do that manually.

    Command: Remember… When you specify what it should remember, you can ask at the later date What did I ask you to remember, and the Google Assistant will tell you exactly what you said. This could be anything, a password, somebody’s name, a place where you left your jacket or anything that comes up to your mind.

    Command: Call… With this, you can call anyone on your contacts list, and you can also specify to put the speakerphone on.

    Command: Send a text message to… After you specify the contact, you can then recite the message you want to be delivered.

    Command: When is my next meeting? This command has many variations and you can basically ask anything related to your calendar events.

    Command: What’s the traffic like? This will tell you the traffic at your location, so you can plan ahead when driving.

These ten commands and their variations will help you in your everyday agenda. There are of course more, so feel free to experiment but these should be a good start for planning your day.
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