15 Netflix Secrets You Need to Know

Ignoring some of the most useful features of Netflix means
that you are not getting the 100% Netflix experience. There are many layers to
this onion, and each month Netflix surprises its users. So what are the fifteen
biggest secrets that all users need to know?

1. Your Content Is Based On The Home Location

If you’re in the US, then you have a completely different
set of shows and categories than users in the UK. If there are movies/tv shows that
you just can’t live without, then using a proxy in your favorite web browser
will unlock this additional content!

2. Buffering Can Be Avoided During Certain Hours

Watching Netflix during off-peak hours is the best time to
explore 4k content. You are less likely to buffer and gain the additional
benefit of a rock solid connection.

3. Keyboard Shortcuts Are Smooth As Butter

Users that multitask will appreciate how quickly they can
ALT+Tab then press F to maximize and minimize Netflix. Add in the spacebar for
pausing in and playing so that you never have to use the mouse while watching

4. Netflix Eats Through Phone Plans

The app plays in the resolution of the device it is on. If
you have a high end phone, that means you are streaming 1080p on a small 4 inch
screen! This is unnecessary, so to cut data in half and save your battery,
lower the resolution to 480 or 720.

5. You Can See All Activity On Your Account

By looking at the recent account access, users can check if
someone is using their account without authorization. This is especially important
with the current scripts and cookie hacks being exploited.

6. Beta Test New Features Before They Are Live

Toggle Test Participation to ‘On’ in your account settings
and you’ll have access to a whole new set of experimental features. Just like
Steam Beta participation, Netflix warns users that the bugs are still be worked

7. Playback Settings Lets You Control Data Usage

The mobile app has a lot of customization options, with the
biggest one being Playback Settings. On this screen you can limit the amount of
data that is streamed per hour.

8. Remove Shows In Your Account History

Privacy is an important thing, and that is why Netflix lets
you remove a single show or entire seasons by going to your account history.

9. Control How Content Is Displayed On The Main Page

By unchecking Netflix Suggests and selecting Manual
Ordering, you can completely change the look of your homepage. It is a great
way to put your most wanted shows at the top.

10. Stream In The Highest Content

Sometimes playback settings tend to get messed up when
viewing on multiple devices. If you find the video to be low quality while
watching at home, go to your account and change the Playback Settings to High.

11. Closed Captioning Is Customizable

You can change the color, size and style of closed
captioning. In fact, Netflix has one of the most robust closed captioning
systems of any of the big streaming companies.

12. Need To Get Someone Off Of The Account?

Select Sign Out Of All Devices to kick off any freeloaders
that you don’t want on the account. If they don’t have a username or password,
then there is no way for them to regain access.

13. Protect Younger Viewers By Adjusting The Maturity Level

You can set up a children’s only profile and restrict it to
only being able to view content under a specific age range. Combined with the
use of a four-digit pin, you can completely lock the account from young eyes

14. You Can Mirror Netflix Access Without Hitting The Account Limit

If you have a one person limit on the cheapest account plan,
that doesn’t count against mirroring that content. So you could technically
watch Netflix on as many devices as possible if they are viewing the same

15. Take Advantage Of Language Search

You can now search for content by language. The easiest way
to do this is clicking on a subtitle language that you’re interested in. It
will show you all shows with similar language profiles.


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