4 Important Segments Of Testing eCommerce Websites

1) Homepage – Hero Image:
Homepages of retail sites are busy. They have a lot going on. But almost all of them have a Hero Image:
The following are a few things to test:

Is it going to auto scroll?
If yes, at what interval will the image be refreshed?
When the user hovers over it, is it still going to scroll to the next one?
Can it be hovered on?
Can it be clicked on?
If yes, is it taking you to the right page and right deal?
Is it loading along with the rest of the page or loads last in comparison to the other elements on the page?
Can the rest of the content be viewed?
Does it render the same way in different browsers and different screen resolutions?

2) Search:
Search algorithms are very important for the success of a retail site because we can’t always place what the users want to see right in front of their eyes.

Common tests are:

Search based on Product name, brand name or something more broadly, the category. For example Camera, Canon EOS 700D, electronics, etc.
Search Results have to be relevant
Different sort options have to be available- based on Brand, Price, and Reviews/ratings etc.
How many results to display per page?
For multi-page results, are there options to navigate to them
Also, search happens in many places. Please take the search drilling down into multiple levels into consideration when validating this functionality. For example: When I search on the home page,

3) Product Details Page:
Once a user finds a product either through search or by browsing or by clicking on it from the homepage, the user will be taken to the product information page.


Image or images of the product
Price of the product
Product specifications
Check out options
Delivery options
Shipping information
In stock/Out of stock
Multiple color or variations options
Breadcrumb navigation for the categories (highlighted in Red below). If navigation such as that is displayed, make sure every element of it is functional.

4) Shopping Cart:
This is the penultimate stage before the user commits to the purchase.

Test the following:

Add items to the cart and continue shopping
If the user adds the same item to the cart while continuing to shop, the item count in the shopping cart should get incremented
All items and their totals should be displayed in the cart
Taxes as per location should be applied
A user can add more items to the cart- total should reflect the same
Update the contents added to the cart- total should reflect that too
Remove items from the cart
Proceed to checkout
Calculate Shipping costs with different shipping options
Apply coupons
Don’t check out, close the site and come back later. The site should retain the items in the cart
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