Accessing Amazon's Prime Music Library on iPad

In the summer of 2014, launched its Prime Music Service, a streaming music platform meant to compete against the likes of Spotify and Rdio for listeners. If you are a Prime member, chances are you at least want to look at the music available through the service. This is particularly true if you have an iPad, where the Amazon Prime music library could feasibly replace your on-device music library to meet your listening needs.

Luckily, accessing Amazon’s music streaming platform on iPad is easy. Just follow the steps outlined below.

Step 1

Direct your iPad to the Apple App Store and search for “Amazon Music with Prime Music.” When you locate the app, download it to your device. Once the program is downloaded, hit “Open” to launch the new application.

Step 2

The Amazon app will prompt you to provide your login information, including your email address and your password. Once you have entered both, Amazon will automatically sync your buyer account to the app, giving you immediate access to any songs you have downloaded directly via Amazon mp3, as well as to any albums you purchased in CD or vinyl form that came with Amazon AutoRip.

Step 3

Prime members will also be able to use the Amazon Music app to access Prime Music and Prime Playlists. Simply tap the menu button at the upper right-hand corner of your screen, and select either “Prime Music” or “Prime Playlists” from the sidebar.


With Amazon’s newest music app, it’s easy to access all of the music you have already bought through Amazon, as well as everything available through the Prime Music platform. As long as you have a Prime account, accessing the Prime Music Library from your iPad will be as simple as can be.