Actually save money with this smart home energy guide


Smart home technology may seem like an excuse to spend money on cool gadgets that make us feel like we’re in a science fiction movie. Yet it isn’t all about high tech toys. Many smart home technologies can actually save money and resources and make our lives easier. You can join the smart home revolution too and actually save money with this smart home energy guide.

This guide is an overview of smart home energy product trends and how they can help you save real money.

Smart thermostats
The average American household spends 45% of its yearly energy budget on heating and cooling. That’s a big chunk of your utility spending. You can cut a chunk of that immediately by using a smart thermostat. They can be programmed to sense your presence and turn on and off accordingly. They can also be controlled via smartphone or learn about how you live so it can deliver the most efficient performance possible.

Smart air conditioning
Products like the Quirky + GE Aros smart air conditioner learns your habits, the climate where you live, schedule and energy budget and will configure itself to deliver the temperature you want at the lowest possible cost. You can configure it or control it via your smartphone too. Another big energy and cash saver.

Smart lighting
The smart home revolution began with smart lighting. The ability to have lights turn on and off automatically depending on where you are, dim, change color, work on a schedule and be controlled from a smartphone app has obvious energy saving and security benefits.

Smart sprinklers
If you use sprinklers to keep your grass green you could save up to 50% off your water bill by using a smart sprinkler. Products such as the Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller checks the weather update and will automatically adjust the amount of water it uses depending on the forecast. It can also be controlled remotely or set on a schedule for maximum efficiency.

Motion and occupation sensors
Many smart home systems can work with motion sensors or occupation detectors to minimize power when you’re not home. By automatically sensing when you’re home, you can control lights, heat, A/C, appliances on standby, TV and more. You get the benefit of all your gadgets while you’re home while maximizing energy saving when you’re not.

Smart home hubs
While not directly responsible for saving energy, a smart home hub brings all your intelligent devices together. It can then apply rules depending on whether you’re looking for maximum energy saving, security, convenience or a combination of all three. All of the previously mentioned technologies can work independently to make savings, but if you control them all with extra intelligence of a smart home hub, those savings can increase significantly!

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