Add Custom Message for “Respond with Text” In iPhone

Even though your iPhone already has a few default messages to respond with when you’re unable to answer a call, the pre-build texts might not be the reason you want to give to your callers for your unavailability.
Luckily, Apple is flexible enough to allow you to add up to three custom messages to respond your callers with when you’re busy, and not able to answer their calls.
Here’s how you can add custom “Respond with Text” messages in your iPhone running iOS 11:
    Get to the Phone’s settings window
    Tap Settings > Phone. This opens the Phone window that allows you to manage all the settings related to the Phone app.

    Get to the Respond with Text window
    Tap Respond with Text from under the CALLS section. This opens the Respond with Text window. Here you can add up to three custom text messages.
    Note: Leaving the fields empty would let you send the default messages included by Apple.

    Add a custom message

Tap inside the first field, and type your custom message. This adds a custom message for you to respond with. The message would be sent to your callers when you’re not available to answer their calls and want to inform them the reason of your unavailability. Optionally, add custom messages to the remaining two fields as well.

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