Add Multiple Stops to Your Google Maps Directions

When mapping out a route in Google Maps, you may want to include multiple stops.

In order to add multiple stops to your instance of Google Maps, you must be signed-in to your Google account. Once you are signed-in, the rest of the process is simple.

Here’s how:

    ■Open your favorite web browser. (E.g. Google Chrome in this demonstration)
    ■Type in the address bar and press Enter to go to Google Maps.
    Note: You will be automatically redirected to the local domain of your country.
    ■On the Home page, type the keywords related to the desired location in the search box, and click the search icon (icon with a magnifying glass) from the top-left corner to search for a place.
    ■From the available suggestions, select the right location.
    ■Once the place is selected, click the Directions link representing the target location below the search icon.

    ■From the information box that opens up, click to select the mode of transportation (E.g. Car, Bus, Flight, Cycling icons).
    ■Once this is done, in the Choose starting point, field, type the name of starting point from where you want to start your journey, and press Enter. Alternatively, you can choose the starting point by clicking the place on the map.

    ■Click the Add Destination icon (icon with a + sign) from the bottom-left corner of the opened information box.

    ■Once done, type the destination (or next stop) in the Choose destination, or click on the map field.

    ■Repeat the steps 8 and 9 to add multiple stops to your map.

Note: If you want to change the order of destinations, drag the circles up and down representing target destinations. In order to remove a destination, hover mouse to the target destination, and click the cross button in the right.