Adding Custom Dictionaries to Android Smartphone

When working with a word processor, it may not recognize certain terms you use regularly. They may be uncommon names or business terms, for example. But you can add these to the dictionary so the word processor learns them.

In the same way, Android also allows you to add the unrecognized (but technically correct) words to its custom dictionaries. However, unlike MS Word, generally a new language specific dictionary is automatically created in your Android smartphone as soon as you install a new language. All you need to do to further make the dictionary functional is add new words to it.

Here is how you can install a new language to your Android smartphone, and start adding new words to the language specific dictionary that is created automatically:

    ■Switch on your Android phone by pressing the power button.
    ■Tap the menu icon to go to the apps list.

    ■From the app’s interface, tap Settings.

    ■Once the Settings interface comes up, under the PERSONAL section, tap Language & input.

    ■On the Language & input window, tap the Language option from the top.

    ■Tap to select the desired language radio button from the available list.
    ■Tap OK from the bottom.

    ■Back on the Language & input window, tap Personal dictionary.

    ■On the Personal dictionary interface, tap to select the added language.

    ■Finally on the next window, tap Add from the top-right corner to add the words in the dictionary.