Adjusting the Focus on Vuzix Glasses

Vuzix Glasses is video eyewear technology that allows you to surf the web. After you’ve purchased the wrap glasses, you need to figure out how to adjust the focus so you can see your images clearly. Fortunately, Vuzix Glasses can be adjusted fairly easily by adjusting the focus for your individual eyes.

Step 1: Lift the Focus Adjuster Cover above the display section of the eyewear. This will allow you access to the focus adjustment tool.

Step 2: Adjust the focus of each eye separately using the adjustment tool. Remember that one of your eyes might be stronger or weaker than the other. This tool lets you adjust the focus for each eye so you won’t be viewing images that are only optimized for one eye.

Step 3: Close your right eye to achieve optimal focus while looking at an image. Then, adjust the focus for your left eye. Repeat the process by closing your left eye and adjusting the focus for your right eye.

This way, you will know that you are fully focused by adjusting just for one eye at a time. Repeat this until you feel like you can see the image clearly with both eyes open.

Take the time to adjust for each eye so you get the best focus.