Allowing or Blocking Applications' Communication with Internet in BitDefender

Allowing or Blocking Applications' Communication with Internet in BitDefender

There are several applications and services in Windows which require communication with internet. These communications are may be to download updates or are required for installation. These regular communications cause trouble when you have slow or no internet connection; as they may affect your work on internet.

The offline applications which optionally require communication with internet but continuously occupy the bandwidth for uploading or downloading files, and so cause trouble to other important software. One of the common examples of such applications is antivirus. Antivirus needs frequent interaction with internet as it gets regular updates for new virus definitions. This is helpful for the system as we get best protection against new virus. But the unwanted communication between some applications and internet affect the working and speed of antivirus update process, especially in case of slow connections.

There are several applications whose communication with internet may not prove so helpful; rather they make the net traffic congested. If you do not have an internet connection, Windows generates error message regarding the applications inability to communicate with internet. When several applications are communicating with internet, the bandwidth allocated is divided accordingly. Due to this segregation the bandwidth required by an important application may not be fulfilled; thus it gets suffered for other unnecessary communications with internet.

The best solution to this problem is to block the unnecessary application’s communication with internet. In this way, you can reallocate the bandwidth to the more important applications. This reallocation will ensure faster access of such applications to internet.

These unwanted communications can be blocked using some antivirus or internet security providing software: like BitDefender.

To allow or block any application’s communication with internet:-
    ■Log on to the Windows using administrator account.
    ■From system tray, right-click the BitDefender icon.
    ■From the context menu that appears, click Show.
    ■From the opened interface, click Firewall from the left pane.
    ■Under Rules tab, click Advanced.

    ■From the opened window, click to select the application whose communication with the internet and/or other networks/computers is to be blocked or allowed.

    ■Click to select Deny radio button to block, and Allow radio button to allow the application communication with the Internet.

    ■Click OK when done.
    ■Restart the computer to allow the changes to take effect.

The denied applications will not be able to communicate with the Internet, and the one that are allowed will be able to do so at a faster rate.
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