Apple TV Netflix Error 10008: Easy Fix


An Apple device that is having issues reaching the Netflix service may suffer from error code 10008. If you see this code, then the troubleshooting steps below should resolve it. Although error code 10008 points to a connectivity issue, both of the steps in the guide don’t require advanced networking knowledge.

Restart Apple TV

Restarts are a good way to get rid of programs or data that is stuck in memory and refuses to be flushed. This happens when the device has been on for several hours or if there is a memory leak in the application. This specific “Restart” does a much better job than the software restart built into the system.

1. Unplug your Apple TV and the television set it is connected to.


2. Wait a full 120 seconds before plugging both of them back in.


3. Turn on both the Apple TV and television set.


4. Netflix should now be working.


Sign Out Of The App

If you haven’t signed out of the Netflix application in a while, then error 10008 might be a good reason to start. Updates to both the application and Apple device will leave leftover information that could get corrupted in the update process. A quick sign out and sign in will refresh the data within the app.

1. Make sure that the Netflix application is open.


2. Press the menu button on your remote control.


3. Select settings.


4. Choose to “Sign Out”.


5. Immediately sign back in.


6. Try to stream media and make sure the error is gone.


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