Audio in My VLC Player Has Hissing Noise when Playing

VLC Player is the most versatile video player in which you can play videos those are available in different formats. If you are using VLC Player for playing videos and movies, you can do tons of experiments with your files. VLC Player provides several options, with the help of which you can improve the quality of a video to a great extent. Out of all problems those are encountered by the people while playing videos on VLC Player, “hissing noise” is the most common one. What happens is, when you play a video file in VLC Player, you hear a hissing noise and often keep on blaming the speakers until and unless you check the same video file on some other computer or device. Such noise really leaves you disappointed with the video file and sometimes even embarrassed in front of others.

This happens mostly when you download such files from some unreliable sources on the internet or watch videos on pirated DVDs. That’s why it is recommended that you should never buy pirated DVDs or download video files from some unauthentic sources on the internet.

Anyways, if you face such problems while watching the video on VLC Player, you need not worry because you can solve them yourself. Instead of deleting the file and waiting to get such a file from some other source, you can edit the video settings and can make it watchable. If you want to solve this problem, here it is what you need to do:

    ■Log on to your PC using any account.

    ■Double-click on VLC Player icon to open the program.

    ■Click on Media menu and select the option Open File.

    ■Select the file having hissing noise and click Open.

    ■Now click Tools menu on the menu bar.

    ■Select the first option Effects and Filters or you can also press Ctrl+E.


    ■Now a small box named Adjustments and Effects will open up. This box concerns adjustments of video and audio quality.

    ■Select Audio Effects.

    ■Click Spatializer Tab.

    ■Uncheck the Enable Spatializer checkbox.


Now that you are done with the above steps, you can play that particular video file and find out whether the hissing noise still exists or not. You wouldn’t find it. Now that you know how to remove the hissing noise, every time you hear such sound, you can overcome this problem and have a satisfactory experience at watching the videos at VLC Player.
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