Authorize your computer to play iTunes purchases

Your computer won’t be able to play back songs and albums that you’ve purchased unless you authorize playback. You can only authorize a device to play purchased items if you have direct access to the device, so make sure you have the device handy before you begin. Here’s how you can easily synch up your computer to play iTunes purchases.

Step 1: First, you need to find out how many devices are already authorized to play back purchases. To do so, open iTunes and sign in using your Apple ID. Open up Account Information. Under Computer Authorizations, you’ll be able to see how many devices are already authorized. You can only have 5 devices authorized for each Apple ID.

Step 2: To authorize your computer, open iTunes then click on Store and choose Authorize This Computer. Enter your Apple ID and click on Authorize.

Step 3: If you have 5 or more computers already authorized, you’ll need to deauthorize a device before you can continue. Simply open iTunes on the device you want to deauthorize and select Store and then Deauthorize This Computer.

Step 4: If you’re dealing with an iPod, iPhone, or an iPad, you’ll need to associate the device with your Apple ID instead of authorizing it. While in iTunes, simply click on Store and then View My Account. Next, click on Manage Devices. It’s that easy.

Recap: Once you authorize your computer, you’ll be able to automatically access your purchased audiobooks, songs, videos, albums, and apps from iTunes on that computer. Use these steps to easily authorize your devices and computers for playback.