Back Up a Windows 8 Laptop

Backing up a Windows 8 laptop includes creating its system image and saving it on a different volume of the hard drive, or on a different hard drive altogether. The system image contains Windows 8 settings and configurations, and can be captured without using any third-party apps. The image, once created, can be restored if something goes wrong with Windows 8.

Although you can configure Windows 8 to back up only the files, folders, system settings, etc., creating a system image of the whole system is a far more convenient way to revert your Windows 8 laptop back to the way it was when everything was working perfectly.

In order to create a system image of Windows 8, you must log on to the computer with administrator account. Once you do so, here is how you can get the task done:

    ■Log on to your Windows 8 laptop with an administrator account.
    ■Connect your external hard drive where you wish to save your Windows 8 backup to your laptop.
    ■From the Start screen, click the Desktop tile to go to the desktop screen.

    ■Once the desktop screen opens up, swipe your mouse pointer to the top-right or bottom-right corner.
    ■On the opened Charms bar, click Settings.

    ■Once the Settings pane appears, click Control Panel.

    ■On the Control Panel window, make sure that the Category view is selected from the View by drop-down list located at the top-right corner.
    ■Click System and Security from the same window.

    ■Locate and click File History from the System and Security window.

    ■Once the File History window appears, click System Image Backup from the bottom-left corner.

    ■On the Create a system image box, click to select the On a hard disk radio button.
    Note: You can also click to select the On one or more DVDs or On a network location to save the backup image on a writable DVD or at any other storage location connected to your local area network (LAN).
    ■After this, click the drop-down list below the On a hard disk radio button, and selected the target location on the external hard drive.

    ■Click Next to proceed.
    ■When the Which drives do you want to include in the backup box opens up, check the desired drives’ checkboxes that you wish to back up, and once done, click Next.

    Note: It is recommended to check all the drives’ checkboxes to take a full backup of your Windows 8 laptop.
    ■Once done, on the opened Confirm your backup settings box, click Start backup to start backing up the Windows 8 laptop.

    ■Once the backup is completed successfully, click Close to quit the window.


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