best cloud storage options

Ive found the best cloud storage solutions are
1 - Dropbox
easily sync photos documents music etc. Free. you can invite friends. do tasks like taking a tour of the site to gain more free space. or you can pay to upgrade the amount of online storage
2 - Flicker
keep all your photos safe and easily accessible by creating a free flicker account. you can also join groups to share pics and ideas on any topic imaginable for those who wish. again there's a pay for upgrade available.
3- SkyDrive
Windows Skydrive has a good free online cloud storage.
Sync whatever you want whenever you want along with :
4 - Google Docs which is googles version of skydrive both free with loads of storage space, both are fully customizable
5 - The Box is an option for those who prefer cloud storage with a paid subscription
They're are lots if cloud storage sites its just a matter of personal preference.
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