Black ops 1, ascenscion high rounds guide rounds 1-20

Are you a noob at ascencion, can you not even make it too round 3 on solo, this guide is... Not for you, sorry. For those intermediate players though, this is indeed for you, so get your nikolai costume ready, and your all important juggernog, and lets talk about a guide of how to get to high rounds on ascencion in Black ops 1 rounds 1-20.
To start with, shoot every zombie 5 shots in the leg and then a knife, to maximize points. After round 1, open up the first door in the phd flopper route. Go through round 2 the same way, keep in mind you now want to unload a full m1911 clip on a zombie before you knife. Don'tbuy an m14 or olympia, if you have, you will have to replace it with the mp5k later on, keep in mind, you need mustang and sally's to make this strategy work. Also, you might wanna not use it, it's not neccesary to this strategy, it just lowers the points you're getting. At round 3, you should have somewhere near 35 hundred points. With these, buy the 2nd and 3rd door. At the end of round 3 (or after you buy the doors) buy the mp5k. Use the phd lander strategy, once you have enough points, but Juggernog. It should be round 5 by now, if you don't get monkeys, just continue the phd lander strategy until you do. If you do get monkeys though, intentionally let 1 monkey hump juggernog. This will make it so you don't get a perk too far away, after the icon shrinks, kill the monkey and keep defending the perk. Reload all of your guns and then grab the guarranteed max ammo. Activate your first lander and make sure the first 3rd of the rocket is green while the other 2 are red. Open up more doors and activate lunar landers till about round 10, launch the rocket and get phd flopper. Now you need to get mustang and sally's, depending on the amount of points you have, this may take another round. Keep doing the phd strategy until round 17, make a crawler and find the box, start hitting until you get the following,
The thunder gun (replace the mp5k with this)
Gersh devices or Matryoshka dolls
Once you have the previously mentioned items, get quick revive, on all monkey rounds after this, defend quick revive mainly, that is how to survive past round 20. I may make an alternate version for the people with Chronicles on Black ops 3. But maybe not.
If you like these tutorials, check out my other tutorials. Thanks for reading and good night/morning/evening.