Blacklist Apps in Your Android Wear

There may be apps that you don't want your Android smartwatch to notify you about. You can block apps providing unwanted notifications with Android Wear.

In order to block the apps for your smart watch, you must configure the Android Wear app installed on your associated Android smartphone.

To blacklist apps in your Android Wear, follow these steps:

    ■Turn on your Android smartphone.
    ■To display the app items, tap the Menu icon.

    ■From the available options, tap Android Wear.

    ■When opened, tap the Settings icon (icon with the two Gear symbols) from the top-right corner.

    ■On the opened Settings window, tap Block app notifications.

    ■Once you are on the Block apps interface, tap Plus sign.

    ■From the displayed Block app list, tap to add the desired app to the block list from which you do not want to receive further notifications.


Note: If you want to add multiple apps to the list, repeat the steps 6 and 7 to select each app individually. If you wish to remove an app from the block list, tap the cross representing the target app in the Block apps window.