Brand, Reliability or Performance - How to Choose Your Notebook/Desktop

If reliability (and long lasting) is an important factor, cost aside - would you choose an Acer, Dell or HP?

In terms of after sales support, I've found HP to be the least responsive/responsible and to top it off their prices of spare parts are way high too.

Please help.


Apparently, the top 2 contenders in terms of sales is with Dell leading while HP follows. There are obvious reasons why Dell remains in top spot - great value, reachable service/support and good performance. My old Dells are still in working order - desktops and notebooks - so I'm pretty much a diehard Dell fan.

Brand does not matter except for what it is associated with - such as performance and reliability

BYOers (Build Your Own) focus on performance rather than brand and build their own notebooks/desktops - choosing the specs they want and can afford to have. The only downside is if anything should fail - and it will - there is no extended warranty to cover the cost of repairs/replacement! So if you want to be a BYOer, do proceed after due consideration that after sales service is negligible.

So before you decide, THINK in terms of:

1. Performance - quickly does the things you are buying it for;
2. Reliability - most unlikely to fail and require servicing/repairs;
3. Reliability - accessible service & support as some brands turn a deaf ear;
4. Price - within your budget and reasonable (never pay for a brand's advertising!); and
5. Brand - if you still insist after Points 1-4 mentioned above makes it worthy of consideration.

Last but not least - Compare, Compare, Compare!

Happy shopping!

P/S Strictly Do Not Follow - Yours truly went shopping for a Dell and ended up buying an Acer, all because Dell was out of stock!
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