Build a Quadcopter drone

Quadcopters are a lot of fun to fly. Using one as a drone is even more interesting. It is completely possible for anyone to build his or her own quadcopter drone. Here are the steps to follow to build your own functional quadcopter drone.

Step 1: Acquire the parts necessary to build the drone. You will need a frame, a motor, propellers, and much more. A number of enthusiast websites sell parts for drones, as well as some established brick and mortar retailers.

Step 2: Assemble the frame. Put the frame of the quadcopter together first. Make sure that each arm is at the same height as all of the other arms. If one arm is off, it will affect the flight of the quadcopter.

Step 3: Mount the motors. With the frame assembled, you can attach the motor and speed controllers to the quadcopter.

Step 4: Attach all of your electronics. Carefully place all of your electronic parts and attach them to the frame.

Step 5: Set up the flight controller. You will have to configure your flight controller in order to fly the quadcopter. Some use remotes, while others will attach to cell phones and tablets.

Step 6: Balance the propellers (see here). If your propellers are not balanced, the quadcopter drone will be subject to excess vibration. This vibration will wear down your motor faster and will also affect the taking of any video.

Step 7: Mount the propellers. Attach the propellers to each shaft and put on the C-clip to secure them. With balanced propellers, the drone should hover and fly smoothly.

Step 8: Solder all of your connections.

This completes the process. You will have a fully functional quadcopter drone after following these eight steps.