Buried round 1-20 guide

Welp, I never thought i would return, but I have. Yup, another zombies guide. So you can't do this guide your first time playing buried unless you wanna take 7 rounds setting up. Why you ask, well you need the bank to have 5k in it. Round 1 don't drop down yet, just grind points here. Yes, for any of you in the bones ranks, you can do the ray gun perma perk. I wouldn't reccomend it here though, next on round 2. Go down and get an lsat, don't get quick revive, you'll get one later in the game. Get leeroy (Arthur) opened up, then open up everything you can. Get your cash from the bank and get jug. Do the Jug strategy until round 8. You should have quite a few points by now. Go get some candy, and make leeroy (arthur) nail down the box start hitting until you get the following
Time bomb
Ray gun mark 2
(Later in the game) Ray gun
Your probably not gonna get all of these on round 8, but you will get at least 1 of them. 2 rounds later after 8. Open up the (b)witches house and get a free perk, if you don't get one, well, just wait for another opprotunity. If you got mule kick, get a ray gun in your 3rd gun slot. Round 15 go on another box run. Try to get the ray gun on top of those other weapons. If you have the paralyzer, do the jug strategy. Go to the box every 7 rounds, unlock pap on round 18. Use time bombs after you go down. Welp thats it, this is a shorter one than the Ascencion just because, Buried is a more simple map than Ascencion. To be honest, you could unlock this entire map theoretically on round 1 with the bank system and how it kinda killed the maps it was on, especially the map that shalln't be named. Bye.