Calendar in MS Outlook 2013 Does Not Remind Me about Scheduled Tasks

In order to prevent yourself from skipping something important from your scheduled task, you need to get updated and reminded regularly. To re-enable the reminders visible for scheduled task available in actual time, some steps needs to be followed that are described below:

    ■Initialize the MS Outlook 2013 from the Start menu.

    ■On the interface, select FILE from the available menu bar.


    ■On the info page, select Options from the right pane.


    ■ On the Outlook’s option window that opens up, select Calendar from the category list in the left pane.

    ■On the window, under the Calendar options section, Click and check the Default reminders checkbox.

    ■Click OK to finish the task.


    ■Once you are done, restart the MS Outlook program.

Now reminders will be available on your MS Outlook 2013 application, and you will not miss any important scheduled task from your calendar entries. When you get reminders on your scheduled task before the commencement date, you will surely improve your impression.