Change Default Short Text Length in MS Access 2013

When you install MS Access 2013 on your computer, by default the length of the Short Text datatype is set to 255 characters long. This is the maximum number of characters that the Short Text field can have. When this default value is set, and a field is defined as Short Text, it assigns the entire space of 255 characters in the memory in a single go.

If you are sure the text that you want to enter into the Short Text field may go up to 255 characters, this default configuration is quite normal. On the other hand, if you think that the target field would not contain more than a certain number of characters when data is entered into the table (for example, 10 characters such as in the First Name or Last Name field), it really makes no sense to assign the field the value of 255 characters, and let it consume all the memory unnecessarily.

When you start creating a table in the Design View in MS Access 2013, you can easily change the default value of 255 characters of Short Text field manually by typing the new value that is lesser than 255. The problem with this method is that you must change the value in every Short Text field individually. This might be really a time-consuming process. In order to make your task easier and reduce the overhead, you can configure the MS Access 2013 and set the default Short Text datatype value as per your requirements. When you do so, every time you create a Short Text field, it automatically has the default value.

Below is the process that will guide you how you can configure the global settings in MS Access 2013 to set your desired length of characters when selecting Short Text datatype for field:
    ■Log on to the computer using any account.

    ■Make sure that MS Access 2013 is successfully installed on the computer and is running flawlessly.

    ■Initialize the program and open the target database.

    ■On the opened interface, go to FILE tab.

    ■From the displayed list, go to Options.


    ■On the opened Access Options box, from the left pane, click to select the Object Designers category.

    ■From the right pane, under the Table design view section, change the default 255 value in the Default text field size field.


    ■Once done, click OK to save the changes.

    ■Back on the previous interface, go to FILE > Close to close the current database.

    ■Reopen the database, and you should see the modifications while creating a Short Text field in any table.

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