Change Icons and Fonts in Your Samsung Galaxy Gear

After using your Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch for some time, you may want to change the look of your watch in order to make it a bit more interesting for you to use. Fortunately the device allows you to make such modifications with ease. The process is given below:


    ■Tap the screen of your Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch.
    ■Once you are on the Clock screen, slide the screen towards left to go to the Menu.
    ■Keep sliding the screen until you find Settings.
    ■Once located, tap to select Settings.
    ■On the opened Settings screen, locate and tap Display.
    ■When the screen with the Display options appears, tap Home icon size.
    ■From the Large icons and Small icons options, tap to select the desired radio button to adjust the icons’ size.
    ■After this, go back to the Display screen.
    ■When opened, tap the Font size option.
    ■Once the Small and Medium radio buttons show up, tap to choose the required font size.
    ■You can also change the style of fonts on your Samsung Galaxy Gear by going to Display > Font > Font style, and selecting the desired font style from the available options.