Change the Arrangement of Opened Safari Tabs (iOS 11)

If you have opened multiple tabs in Safari in your iOS 11 device, most likely you frequently switch between them in order to work on more than one webpages at a time. If the tabs in the browser are not properly arranged, it may take a lot of time to switch to those you want to work on.
Fortunately, Apple lets you arrange the opened Safari tabs according to your preference in your iDevice running iOS 11. Here’s how:
    Open Safari
    Tap the Safari icon from the Dock. This launches the Safari web browser on your iDevice, and opens the tab with the page you last visited.

    View all tabs
    Tap the All Tabs icon from the bottom-right corner. This shows all the opened tabs as floating tiles.

    Rearrange the tabs
    Long hold a tab, and drag it up or down as needed. This swaps the position of the tab with the one present at the new location.

    Note: You can repeat the process for the other opened tabs to change their positions as well.
    Save the changes

Tap Done from the bottom right corner. This saves the new positions of the tabs, and takes you back to the one you were working on previously.