Change the Watch Face on Your Android Wear

After you buy a smartwatch, you'll want to personalize it. One way to do this is to change the watchface to one you really like.

Even though a new smart watch already has a few pre-built watch faces, you can also create some of your own. Although you can change the watch faces right on your smart watch’s interface, you can create custom watch faces on your associated smartphone only.

Regardless of the type of watch faces, i.e. pre-built or custom created, the process of changing them on your smart watch is identical.

Assuming that you have some good pre-built watch faces on your smart watch or you have already created and added a few custom ones to your device, here is how you can change the watch face on your smartwatch:

    ■Double-tap the LG G Watch smart watch’s screen.
    ■Swipe the screen upwards to locate and tap Settings.

    ■Once the Settings screen appears, tap Change watch face.

    ■When the Watch Faces show up, slide the screen towards left or right, and tap to set a Watch Face of your choice on your smart watch.