Change the Wi-Fi Network Chromecast is Connected to

Whether you’re moving, getting a new Wi-Fi service, or simply want to use Chromecast in different places, you might have reason to change the Wi-Fi network that Chromecast is connected to. Unfortunately, Chromecast can only remember one Wi-Fi network at once. Fortunately, so long as you have access to the old Wi-Fi network still, you can tell the device to forget the old network and access another one. Here’s how.

Step 1
Turn on Chromecast and allow it to connect to the original Wi-Fi network (the one you want it to forget). At the same time, open the Chromecast app on your smartphone or another mobile device. You will also have to have Wi-Fi enabled on your device, and your device will have to be connected to the same network as your Chromecast. Provided that this criteria is met, your device will detect any Chromecast devices connected to the Wi-Fi network.

Step 2
Once the Chromecast device appears on your mobile device app, tap on it to connect the mobile device to the Chromecast device. Once the devices are paired, your mobile app will present you a list of “Chromecast Settings.”

Step 3
One of the items on the “Chromecast Settings” menu is Wi-Fi, which will show which network you are connected to currently. Tap the Wi-Fi network to open a more detailed Wi-Fi menu.

Step 4
From the new menu, again tap the current network. This should bring up a list of Wi-Fi networks nearby that you can connect to. Select the network you want, then enter the password and tap “Ok.”

The above steps will connect your Chromecast device to a new Wi-Fi network. Of course, you will have to connect your mobile device to the new Wi-Fi network as well so that the devices can be paired again.