Check out e-Books from the Library

Thanks to a service called Overdrive, many libraries throughout the country now support the lending of Kindle e-Books. These electronic texts can be opened on any Kindle device and on any other type of tablet or smartphone so long as it has the Kindle reading app installed. Use the steps below to figure out how to check eBooks out of your library.

Step 1
To start, you’ll have to find your library and see if it supports Overdrive. To do this, go to the website. You will see a search bar in the middle of the page. Enter the name of your local library to find out if it is in the system.

Step 2
If and when you find your library, you’ll be able to click a link that takes you to the library’s website and eBook collection page. Find an eBook you would like to rent, and then click “Borrow” to check it out.

Step 3
You will likely be prompted to sign in. You will do this using a username or library card number, as well as a password. If you have any trouble accessing your account, contact your local library for assistance.

Step 4
Your book will be placed into a private bookshelf. From there, you can send it to your Amazon device or reading app. To do this, check the box next to “Kindle Book”—which should be located right next to your bookshelf title—and then click “Confirm & Download.” You may be prompted to sign into Amazon.

Following the steps above will allow you to send your library books to your account, and then to your devices. After that, you will be able to read to your heart’s content! Just remember that the book will likely disappear after 21 days, since that will be the traditional library due date.