Check the Battery Health of Your Laptop with Windows 8

Even though Windows 8 is a universal operating system that can be installed on any compatible hardware device, overall battery health depends upon the machine on which it is installed. For example, if a laptop has larger display screen with high resolution, the battery consumption would be high. On the other hand, if your laptop works on lower resolution, and your laptop isn't souped up with the latest hardware upgrades, you may enjoy increased battery life.

It's important to regularly check the health of the battery of your laptop while using Windows 8, Here's how:

    ■Power on your Windows 8 laptop.
    ■Use any account to log on to Windows 8.
    ■If you are displayed with the Start screen, click the Desktop tile.

    ■Once you are on the desktop screen, click the battery icon from the notification area (available at the bottom right corner of the screen).
    ■On the popup box that appears, check the current health of the battery from the information displayed at the top.

    ■Click anywhere on the screen to make the box disappear.