Check the Status of an App You Submitted to The App Store

Calling all application developers! Let's say you recently submitted an app to Apple’s App Store, and are anxious to see what’s going on with it. Has it been approved? Has it been rejected? Is it still in virtual limbo? The questions can be enough to drive any developer crazy! Luckily, Apple makes it possible for you to check the status of your App Store submissions. Use the steps below to do just that:


Step 1
Navigate to the iTunes Connect page and log in. You will have set up an iTunes Connect account when you first submitted your account. Musicians, authors, and app developers all use Connect to upload their content to Apple.

Step 2
Once you’ve logged in, select “My Apps.” You should see app icons for all the apps you’ve created. Find the one you want to check the status of, and look right underneath the icon and app title.

Step 3
Check the description and indicator. The app statuses will have a brief description, as well as a color indicator:

  • ■ A green indicator says that the app is available on the App Store
    ■ A red indicator tells you that there is something that needs to be fixed with the app before it can be uploaded to the App Store
    ■ A yellow indicator says that something is pending with the publication of your app

If something needs to be done before your app can be published, Apple will normally contact you directly, though the issue could be something as simple as forms that you forgot to submit.