Check Your Battery Level on Pebble

Battery is a critical part of your Pebble smartwatch. It is important that you keep checking the watch’s battery regularly so that you can charge it when the battery is low.

In order to make things simple when it comes to checking the battery level, you can install the Battery card which, when installed, tells you the correct battery percentage.

Follow the process below to download and install the Battery card on your Pebble smartwatch:

    ■Turn on your iPhone by pressing the Sleep/Wake button.
    ■From the Home screen locate and tap Pebble (i.e. official app).

    ■On the opened MY PEBBLE window, tap the More icon (icon with the three horizontal lines) from the top-left corner.

    ■From the expanded list, tap GET APPS.

    ■On the Pebble App Store, search for the Cards for Pebble app.
    ■When found, tap ADD to add the selected app to Pebble.

    ■Once added, go back to the MY PEBBLE window.
    ■Tap SETTINGS below the Cards for Pebble app icon.

    ■Once you are on the CARDS FOR PEBBLE window, under the ADD CARD section, locate and tap to add BATTERY in the CARDS section.

    ■When the Battery card is added, tap Save from the bottom to apply the changes.
    ■Once done, press the middle button from the right of the Pebble watch to display Menu.
    ■Keep pressing the lower button of the watch to highlight the Cards option on the Menu screen.
    ■Press the middle button to select Cards.

    ■After this, keep pressing the lower or upper button from the right to view the battery card that shows battery percentage.