Clear Notifications on Your Pebble

If you think your Pebble smartwatch has too many notifications, it is time to clear them from your device. Clearing the notifications from your smartwatch, in addition to making room for new notifications, also improves your device’s performance.

In order to remove the notifications from your Pebble watch, go to its settings and then clear the notification history from there.

The process is simple and straightforward, and is described below:

    ■Press the middle button from the right side of your Pebble watch.
    ■On the opened Menu screen, keep pressing the lower-most button from the right of the watch to highlight Settings.

    ■Press the middle button again from the right to select the highlighted option (Settings in this case).
    ■When selected, from the next screen, press the lower-most button from the right to highlight Notifications.

    ■Press the middle button to choose Notifications.
    ■On the Notifications screen, keep pressing the lower-most button till the Clear History gets highlighted, and when it does, press the middle button to select the option.

    ■Once you are displayed with the Clear all notification history screen, press the top-most button from the right in order to delete the notification history.