Clear Your Log History on Samsung Galaxy Wear

Even though maintaining log history on your Samsung Galaxy smartwatch (Samsung Galaxy Gear is used in this tutorial) helps you recall past calls that you have made, the logs occupy some space in your smartwatch.

It is important that you regularly clear the log history on your Samsung Galaxy Gear. The overall process of clearing the log history from your device is simple and the step-by-step instructions to get the job done are below:


    ■Connect your Samsung Galaxy Gear with the Samsung Galaxy handset or with a compatible device via Bluetooth.
    ■Once connected, go to the Phone app by tapping the Phone icon from the Home screen on your smartphone.
    ■On the opened Phone app, tap Logs from the top.
    ■When the window with the call logs is displayed, press the Menu button located at the left of the Home button.
    ■From the available options, tap to choose View.
    ■From the View list, tap to select the All logs radio button.
    ■Press the Menu button from the bottom-left corner.
    ■From the displayed list, tap Delete.
    ■On the next window, check the Select all checkbox and tap Delete from the top-right corner to remove the all call logs from the Samsung Galaxy smartphone.
    ■Make sure to check that the changes are reflected on your Samsung Galaxy Gear by going to its Logs app.