Create an iTunes Playlist

iTunes lets you collect a sizable music library, and it can be tough to keep track of all of your music. By creating an iTunes playlist, you can group together songs of your choice by genre, for certain situations (parties, exercise), or even just the songs you like most/

The process to create an iTunes playlist is simple. Here is how it can be done:

    ■Log on to your Windows PC.
    Note: Ensure that you have already installed the latest version of iTunes on your computer.
    ■Open iTunes by double-clicking its icon.
    ■On the opened interface, click the Sign In button from the top-left corner.

    ■Provide your Apple ID credentials in the appropriate fields and click the Sign In button.

    ■From the next window, click the Library button from the top-right corner to go to iTunes Store.

    ■Click the Playlists menu from the menu bar at top.
    ■Once the next window opens up, click the ‘+’ icon from the bottom-left corner.

    ■From the available list, click the New Playlist option.

    ■From the right pane, under the Playlists field, type a name for the new playlist and press Enter.

    ■Once done, ensure that the Songs menu is selected from top, and drag the song from the left pane to the right pane in order to add the song to a new playlist.
    Note: In order to add multiple tracks to the new playlist in a single go, you can select multiple songs by pressing and holding down the Ctrl button while clicking to select each song. Once the songs are selected, you can drag them to the new playlist.
    ■Finally, click Done from the top-right corner to save the playlist in iTunes.