Create Custom Keyboard Shortcuts for Quick Phrases In iOS 11

While texting your friends, colleagues, or relatives, there may be certain phrases that you use quite often. Talk to you later, take your time, Oh My God!, be right back, to name a few.
Since the virtual keyboard of your iOS or any other mobile device might not be as convenient to use as any physical keyboards is, typing long phrases might be time consuming and tedious. To bridge this gap, your iOS device allows you to create keyboard shortcuts that are automatically replaced with their corresponding phrases in real-time.
An example can be the built-in default keyboard shortcut ‘omw’ that is automatically replaced with ‘On my way!’ when typed. In addition to this, you can add as many of your own shortcuts as needed.
Here’s how:
    Get to the Keyboards window
    Tap Settings > General > Keyboard. This takes you to the Keyboards window that allows you to customize the keyboard settings for your iDevice.



    Get to the Text Replacement window
    Tap Text Replacement. This opens the Text Replacement window. This window displays all the available keyboard shortcuts, and also allows you to add the new and remove the existing ones from your device.

    Add a new keyboard shortcut

Tap the + icon from the top-right corner, type the full phrase in the Phrase field, in the Shortcut field, type the shortcut text that you want to be replaced by the full text in the Phrase field, and tap Save from top-right corner. This adds the new keyboard shortcut to the Text Replacement list.



To remove an existing shortcut, tap Edit from the bottom-left corner, tap the icon next to the keyboard shortcut you want to delete, and then tap Delete.