Customize Your Samsung Galaxy Gear Face

In order to customize the face of your Samsung Galaxy Gear, make sure that your smartwatch is connected to a Samsung Galaxy smartphone, and the Gear Manager app is installed on the phone as well.

After you have successfully connected your Samsung Galaxy Gear with your Samsung Galaxy smartphone and the required app is downloaded and installed on the phone, follow the steps below to customize the face of your smartwatch:

    ■Switch on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone and connect it to Samsung Galaxy Gear.
    ■From the Menu screen launch the Gear Manager app.
    ■Once the app opens up, under the App and settings section, tap Samsung Apps.
    ■When the next page appears, search for the Watch Styler app and install it.
    ■After installing, locate and tap Watch Styler from the Menu screen to launch the app.
    ■On the opened WATCH STYLER window, tap the Plus sign (sign within a square).
    ■On the Create a new theme box, tap to choose the desired theme (i.e. Digital theme or Analog theme) for the watch.
    ■Type the desired title for the watchface in the Please enter a title theme field.
    ■Tap OK to continue.
    ■On the Background Settings window, you may choose the desired setting options by tapping their respective icons (for instance Background color, picture from the phone gallery, instant clicked image, solid background colors, etc.).
    Note: A picture from the phone gallery is used to create the watchface of the watch in this case.
    ■When the picture is selected and is displayed on the Background Settings window, optionally you can add effects to the image by choosing the Effects icon above the Next button.
    ■When you are done, tap Next to proceed.
    ■On the Watch Frame Settings window, pick the desired clock style for your watchface.
    ■From the next window, choose the hands style for your selected clock and tap Next.
    ■On the opened Options window, you can add the other options on your watchface. (E.g. Date, Battery, Bluetooth, etc.)
    ■When the custom watchface is ready, tap Save from the bottom-right corner.
    ■On the Save box, tap Apply.
    ■Back on the Gear Manager interface, tap Clocks under the Apps and settings section.
    ■From the Watchstyler list, locate and tap the Gear icon representing WatchStyler.
    ■On the next window, tap to select the newly created watchface that appears under the All Themes.
    ■Tap OK from the Apply a theme box.
    ■Once done, the new theme will be applied on your Samsung Galaxy Gear.