Dealing with Audio Sync Issues on Roku 3

When you use a Roku 3, you may eventually run into issues where your video and audio is out of sync or where Netflix or Hulu Plus streams are lagging. There are a few different easy fixes to the problem, and you should try all of them before you assume that something is wrong with your box.


Step 1
Start by simply unplugging your Roku 3 device, waiting a few seconds, and then plugging it back in. Unplugging will reboot the device, so you can start your stream over with all of your video and audio in sync.

Step 2
If you’re against getting up off the couch to reset your Roku 3 device manually, know that you can also do it from the device’s “secret menus.” These menus can be accessed using certain “codes,” or button combinations, on your Roku remote. Press the “Home” (or “OK”) button five times, press the play button once, press the rewind button once, press the play button again, then press fast-forward. This button series will take you to a menu where you can reboot your device.

If you are having video/audio sync issues with your Roku 3, your best bet for solving the problem is to reboot the device. This can be done either manually, by unplugging the box, or automatically, from a hidden menu on the device. Use whichever method is preferable to you to solve the problem.
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