Dealing with Screen Tearing on Pebble Steel

The Pebble smartwatch can connect to smartphones running Android and iOS and works similarly to smartphones. One relatively common reported issue for the Pebble, though, is that the screen can become fragmented or “tear,” showing lines and failing to display anything. There are a few things you can do to fix these issues, but you may need to resort to getting a new watch.

Step 1: Recognize the screen tearing issues. If the screen is broken up momentarily and fixes itself, it’s likely that no action is needed. However, if your display is torn or fragmented no matter what you do, then you are experiencing consistent screen issues.

Step 2: Perform a factory reset on your Pebble Steel. To do this, select Settings from the main menu of the phone and then choose Factory Settings. You will be prompted to accept that you are resorting to factory settings.

Step 3: If you still have screen problems after the factory reset, email the Pebble Support Team. Attach a photo of the screen problem, along with a photo of the back of your watch, besides a piece of paper with your name and the date written.
List your address and the style of your Pebble (whether it’s Steel or Original) in the email. Include the Pebble’s serial number in the email.

Step 4: You have a one-year warranty on your Pebble. If the support team fails to help with your watch, you can receive a new one based on the warranty.