Disabling Sounds and Alerts on the Mio Alpha

The Mio Alpha is one of the many fitness trackers on the market today. It's a heart rate monitor that works with your specific exercise routines and goals. With the Mio Alpha, you can set ideal heart rate ranges. The Mio Alpha will beep and alert you if you are out of that range. If you need to turn off that alert, it is simple.


Step 1: Navigate to the Exercise Timer. Press Start to get from other modes to the Exercise Timer or press Mode five times. You have five timer types to use, including counting from zero and a dual interval timer.

Step 2: Select “None” in the Exercise Type menu. The exercise types determine the heart rate zone in which the Mio Alpha will work. This means that you will hear the beeping if you are above or below that range. Selecting “None” here is the only real way to disable that alert while exercising with the Mio Alpha.

Step 3: You can continue to measure your heart rate through exercise and monitor your calories burned. Without an exercise type, the watch will only track your heart rate if you need it to without the alert sounds.

Recap: The Mio Alpha is a revolutionary watch tracker, but it does not have an easy way to disable alerts in the settings. You will need to forgo the Exercise Type exercises in order to get rid of the alerts and conduct your workout without sounds.