Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze – Amiss Abyss KONG Letters

The level is filled with creepy sea creatures that can fry you if you dare to touch them. Just steer clear from them and continue going forward, you will eventually reach the end of the level. To get all of the KONG letters on your way, refer to the guide below:
Kong Letter #1:
As the level starts, go to the right side and you will see a penguin, bop him on the head and then dive into the water. Dive down and there you will see some glowing seaweed of purple color. Make sure not to touch it as it has an electric charge. The only way you can get rid of this deadly plant is by bringing some light to this area. You will spot a school of fish that will be swimming back and forth. Wait until they are close and then spin past them. The fish will light up and the seaweed toward the top will go back and that will reveal the KONG letter that is “K”. Go ahead and nab the first KONG letter before the seaweed gets back to its place.

Kong Letter #2:
Now after you have collected the first KONG letter, keep going to the right side while breaking the ship walls. Soon you will hop out of the water and will come across the checkpoint pig. Go past the checkpoint and you will spot two penguin enemies. Bop both of them and continue going to the right side, you will come across a springboard. There, you will see the second KONG letter floating above at a height. You can use that springboard to get to the second KONG letter. Once you get it, dive back in the water.

Kong Letter #3:
Continue to move along while dodging the jellyfish and soon you will come across the jellyfish moving in the circle. After their circle, you will see a wall with a wall that will appear to be impassable. You need to move that wall, you can do that by dash passing the arrow sign and the wall will definitely move. Keep an eye out for such signs for the rest of the level. Anyways, after moving the wall, you will enter a big room that will have a circle of jellyfish. Go to the right upper corner and grab the third KONG letter.

Kong Letter #4:
Now after getting the third letter, continue going forward in the level and soon you will come across another checkpoint. Go past the checkpoint pig and soon you will enter a section that will have two big circles surrounded by some electric seaweed. Follow the glowing fish all the way to the second circle and then swim to safety. Dash past the sign and you will enter a long passage that will keep closing on you and will have electric seaweed. To stay safe, you will have to dash past each sign. And when you see the puffer fish, go above it to get the last KONG letter.

These are some of the steps that you need to take if you want to get all of the KONG letters. Just make sure that you are following all the steps.