Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze – Baobab Bonanza KONG Letters

The level is filled with spiky fruits, flaming owl, flower platforms, penguins and whatnot. Just be quick and precise in this level to make sure you get to the end. And if you want to collect all of the four KONG letters on your way to the end then follow the instructions mentioned below:
Kong Letter #1:
Getting the first KONG letter is always easy in virtually every level. Same is with this level, as the level starts, you need to continue to the right side and soon you will come across a purple flower in the middle of a waterfall. Go past that purple flower and you will see the first KONG letter floating in the air clear as a day. To get that KONG letter, you need the help of a Kong buddy. If you don’t have one, don’t fret, you can get is by bouncing off the enemy standing at the edge of the rocky platform.

Kong Letter #2:
Now after you have collected the first KONG letter, continue to the right side and you will come across three penguins that will be patrolling along the ground. Go past those penguins and you will see some purple colored flowers that you can climb. Go up by climbing all of the flowers and then keep moving. You will come across the checkpoint pig. Go past that checkpoint and soon you will spot the second KONG letter. It will be floating at the ground level beneath a branch. Go below the branch in a timely manner to avoid the fruits that are rolling towards you.

Kong Letter #3:
Once you have grabbed the second KONG letter, go towards the right side and continue going until you come across the Dixie Barrel. Break her free if you want and then continue going forward. And soon you will see the third KONG letter out in the open. It will be floating above the flaming owl. Go ahead and nab the third KONG letter but you need to be careful as he throws a flame towards you.

Kong Letter #4:
Continue to the right side and you will come across an Ox that will try to ram you. Dodge that Ox and you will land on the purple flower. Continue to the right rolling past the plants and you will enter in a section of the level which is a bit doozy so you will have to be quick and precise. There will be a blast barrel that will launch you into the background. There, you will knock a big piece of fruit out of a tree. Jump on the purple flowers to escape the spiky piece of fruit. Continue going to the right and at the end of this course, there will be a grassy wall. Grab onto it and go to the bottom of that wall to grab the last KONG letter.

If you follow all of the aforementioned instructions then you will be able to collect all of the four KONG letters as these are the precise instructions that are explained in detail. Just follow them till the end.