Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze – Bramble Scramble Puzzle Pieces

An absolutely crazy level where track eating fish are wandering in the tunnels. Make sure to avoid all the obstacles and steer clear of the sharp tooth sharks. And if you want to get all the puzzle pieces on your way to the end of this then follow the guide below:
Puzzle Piece #1:
As the level starts, you will be required to jump into a mine cart, now before jumping into the mine cart, go to a secret room be heading towards the first platform. There, you will spot a blast barrel, roll and land inside. Now collect all of the bananas in 30 seconds or you will not be able to get the puzzle piece. Once you collect them, you will get the first puzzle piece.

Puzzle Piece #2:
Keep going to the right and soon you will come across sharks that will be jumping between the gaps, take a short hop beneath the second shark and be ready for another short hop. You will find the next puzzle piece just over the small wall. You have to grab it quickly so you do not fall down from the track.

Puzzle Piece #3:
Keep playing and you will pass the checkpoint, the camera will switch the perspective and at the bottom of a giant slope, you will rill inside a room having three tracks. You can navigate between these tracks by using the right or left buttons along with the jump button. Collect all the bananas that appear on these tracks and you will reveal the puzzle piece in your path.

Puzzle Piece #4:
There will be some moving obstacles in the next section of the level. There are some walls on rails that hang above the track. There will be some bananas between different walls. Collect all of those bananas to reveal the fourth puzzle piece. These walls shift in a pattern that is; left, left, left and then right, left. Collect all of the bananas in between and the fourth puzzle piece will appear on the left track just past the shifting walls. Be quick in grasping the puzzle piece because the track is very short.

Puzzle Piece #5:
The camera will switch back to a traditional view just before the checkpoint pig. Jump timely to land on the rocks that are falling and duck beneath the spikes. Now hop inside the blast barrel and shoot yourself back into the dynamic view of the camera. Stay sharp and jump back and forth between short tracks. After the fish eats the piece of a track, an obstacle of rock will block your path. The final piece of the puzzle is right on the other side. Jump on the left side to dodge the rock and quickly jump back towards the right side to collect the puzzle piece.

If you follow all the steps that are mentioned above, you will be able to get the puzzle pieces in this level. You need to act fast as this level requires perfect timing with speed.