Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze – Cannon Canyon KONG Letters

The level is filled with bombs and dynamic camera shots. You will especially enjoy the level if you are a fan of seeing things from different camera angles. To get all of the KONG letters on your way to the end of this level, refer to the guide below:
Kong Letter #1:
It is very easy to grab the first KONG letter in this level because it will be out in the open clear as a day. As soon as the level starts, you need to go forward, and you will see the Diddy Barrel, free the Diddy Kong if you want and then continue going further. Soon you will come across explosive ropes. Make sure to pass them carefully and then just past those ropes you will be able to spot the letter “K” clearly. It will be above the swinging bomb tied to a rope. To get the KONG letter, you need to jump above the bomb in a timely manner or it will explode if you make contact with it.

Kong Letter #2:
Once you have collected the first KONG letter, you will now have to continue going forward. And past the dynamic camera action through the blast barrels, you will come across the first checkpoint. Go past that checkpoint and continue going to the right side. You will now be faced with some penguins. Take them out by bopping them on the head. Once the penguins are out of the way to go a bit further and you will be able to spot the second KONG letter clearly. It will be floating between the two pillars. What you need to do is just to make a good hop and nab it.

Kong Letter #3:
After getting the second KONG letter, go a bit further and you will enter a blast barrel section. The key in the section of blast barrels is to time your blasts. This is because the barrels that you will land in turn. If you know that, you will easily get through the blast barrel section. After you are shot down a cliff side, you will have to wait for them. After a bit of waiting, you will see a fish will splash out of the water and it will have the third KONG letter. It will be on its note. As soon as you spot it, blast off and nab the “N”.

Kong Letter #4:
Once you have gotten the third KONG letter, continue the game as the next letter is just ahead. Soon you will witness some more dynamic camera shots. Time your shots as the bomb barrels will be rotating. You will see the last KONG letter at the last rotating ring. Just shot yourself in a timely manner to collect the last KONG letter, the “G”.

This is all that you need to know to get the KONG letters. Just follow the above-mentioned instructions and you will be able to get all of the letters before the end of the level.