Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze – Canopy Chaos Puzzle Pieces

The level Canopy Chaos is indeed a chaotic level with arrow throwing penguins and giant flying bugs. Now if you need all seven puzzle pieces then follow the instructions below:
Puzzle Piece #1:
At the start of this level, you will learn to grab vines, just after your lesson, you will see a turtle who will be pacing back and forth. Stomp on the turtle and then pick him up, and throw him on the wall to the left. This will break the shield and you will then be able to enter the secret room. There will be a lot of bananas in there; you will not have 30 seconds to grab all the bananas. Collect all of them within the time and you will get the first piece of the puzzle.

Puzzle Piece #2:
Now continue to the right and soon you will come across a CK barrel. Smash that barrel and Cranky Kong will come out and hop on your back. Now you can use the pogo jump ability of Cranky Kong. Anyways, go forward ad you will see an arrow shooting penguin, take him out and then jump down and break the spike pit. Its wall will vanish and a hidden cove will open up, there you will see the second piece of the puzzle.

Puzzle Piece #3:
Bounce back to the platform and then continue upwards by jumping on the platforms. At the top, there will be a vine, grab it and then climb up on to a final platform. Now before you jump in the barrel cannon, use the cane bounce of cranky to get to the top of the platform to the left. Pull the ring in the ground and a spiked platform will be revealed having the third puzzle piece. Jump and grab it.

Puzzle Piece #4:
Keep on playing and soon you will come across some bugs hovering over four vines. Just past those, you will get the fourth puzzle piece. What you need to do is to jump on top of the turtle which is found just after those vines. Pick him up and just to the right you will find a snowmad sack that is hanging by a rope. Throw the turtle at that sack and the fourth piece will be revealed.
Puzzle Piece #5:
Keep on going to the right side and make sure that you duck beneath the spinning propellers. Once you are on the other side of those wheels, dodge a bug and jump into the barrel. You will reach the second checkpoint from there. If you have lost cranky, you will find him in the barrel next to the snail enemies. There will be platforms to the right, climb on them and then jump to the wall. The will then vanish and will reveal a hidden cove and you will see the fifth puzzle piece on this platform.

Puzzle Piece #6:
Now Jump from the platform and then move to the right and you will come across a Dodo Bird. Defeat him and then jump on the platform to the left. Now again jump into the wall and this will reveal a secret room. Collect all the bananas in there and you will get the sixth puzzle piece.
Puzzle Piece #7:
Once you reach at the end of the level, don’t go into slot machine barrel. There will be a snowmad box on the right side. Smash it and a springboard will be revealed. Jump on it and you will see the puzzle piece to the left.

These are all the instructions that you are going to need to find all the puzzle pieces. Just follow all the steps and you will be able to grab all the pieces.