Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze – Deep Keep KONG Letters

The level Deep Keep takes place in deep waters where you will have to swim through the deep blue water with fish, spikes and electric eels. Make sure to steer clear from these things and continue swimming to the right. If you want to get the KONG letters on your way to the end of the level, then read the instructions below:
Kong Letter #1:
It is a piece of cake to get the first KONG letter at this level as it will right in front of you. As soon as the level starts, you will have to dive into the water to properly initiate the level. So dive under water and then swim all the way towards the right. Keep going while staying at the surface of the water and you will bump into a piece of land. Go straight down from there and soon you will be able to spot the first KONG letter clear as a day. Go ahead and nab it.

Kong Letter #2:
Now continue to the right side and you will come across a Kong Barrel. Grab a Kong buddy and then keep going to the right side. You will now enter a big room. Swim to the bottom of that room and you will see a switch. Go ahead and hit that switch, a blast barrel will appear that will launch you into the next section of the level. There, you will come across three switches. Dash past all three of them and you will open up the next section. Go there and you will come across the checkpoint. Go past the checkpoint and you will enter a passage that will have some spinning spokes. There, you will see the second KONG letter in the middle of those spinning spikes. Go ahead and grab it.

Kong Letter #3:
After getting the second KONG letter, continue to the right and you will come across a section of jet streams that will push you back. Having Dixie Kong will make it much easier to pass those jet streams but you can swim through them as well. Swim along while dodging spikes and fish and you will soon come across the crushing spikes. Go past them and soon you will see the KONG letter that will be guarded by some fish. Dash through those fish and get the third KONG letter.

Kong Letter #4:
After collecting the third KONG letter, keep swimming along and you will soon enter into a giant room that will have spinning spikes. Get out of that big spike room, and you will see some switches. Hit them, and you will enter the last section of the level. Avoid the spikes that are present there and stay close to the mid-section. Soon you will come across the last KONG letter. It will be easy to grab it.

Follow all the steps that are mentioned above, and you will be able to get all the KONG letters before the end of this level. Just make sure to avoid the spikes and keep swimming to the right.