Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze – Frost Folly Puzzle Pieces

Frost folly is a very fun level if you take it lightly. Sure there are a lot of obstacles and especially the annoying snowflakes can ruin the fun, but if you dodge the snowflakes correctly and pass the obstacles properly, then this game can give you tons of fun time. Now if you are looking to find the puzzle pieces in the game, then don’t worry, this guide is created for the very purpose, follow it and get all five pieces of the puzzle:
First Piece:
Just like every other level, collecting the first puzzle piece in the Frost Folly is a piece of cake. The puzzle piece can be found at the start of the level. What you need to do is to play with open eyes. When you spawn at the beginning of the level, just play the game until you see the first plant. Slam that first plant and it will spawn some bananas. Now you need to be quick and grab those bananas before they disappear. Once you collect all the bananas, you will get the first piece of the puzzle.

Second Piece:
After getting the first piece, keep playing the game, you will get to the grassy springboards that will launch you towards the other springboards. Move further and when you see the springboards the second time with a grassy panel with spring below it just after riding a giant wooden wheel with grass on it, pound to the springboard when it is pointing you to the left. There you will discover a hidden cove with blast barrel, that barrel will take you to the secret room with a lot of bananas. Collect all bananas in 30 seconds and you will get the second piece of the puzzle.

Third Piece:
This one is easy, keep playing the game after finding the second piece of the puzzle. Soon you will find three vertical vines after the checkpoint pig. There will be bananas on all of the three vines. Collect all the bananas while avoiding the snowflakes as these can be deadly. Once you collect all the bananas, the puzzle piece will appear.

Fourth Piece:
After the third piece of the puzzle, keep playing the game until you again find grassy springboard. Go through the grassy springboard the first time and on the second time, there will be a blast barrel after the grassy springboard. Land on the blast barrel and then wait for the puzzle piece to come up in the line of snowflakes, once it does, exit the barrel to catch it.

Fifth Piece:
Now keep playing the game and you will reach a checkpoint pig, just past that you will be faced with a large enemy with double ended mace. Finish him by rolling into him as soon as he raises the weapon to strike you. Once he is finished, ground pound the fish basket to discover a winged banana. Collect all bananas and the banana coins and you will see the final piece of the puzzle.

Just follow the guide and don’t get confused, even if you are a beginner, this guide will help you find the pieces of puzzles. Just keep looking for things that are mentioned in the guide.