Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze – Frosty Fruits KONG Letters

The level Frosty Fruits has some unique Popsicle platforms that can take you down with them if you don’t jump on time. So make sure to watch out for them and avoid other obstacles when you are going towards the end of the level. And if you want to get all four KONG letters on your way then follow the steps mentioned below:
Kong Letter #1:
It is a piece of cake to get the first KONG letter. As the level starts, you need to go towards the right side and you will come across two ice cube blocks, go forward from there and then you will be able to spot the first KONG letter. It will be floating above a pulley system. It will be high in the air so you will not be able to get there by just jumping. So to get there, you need to either roll jump off the hill that is on the left or you can just jump off the spring-like watermelon to get on top of the back and forth moving ice block. Once you get there, just go ahead and collect the first KONG letter.

Kong Letter #2:
Once you have the first KONG letter, now you will have to keep going to the right side and you will soon come across the checkpoint pig. Go past the checkpoint pig and you will come across some Popsicles. There will be the second KONG letter as well. It will be floating at the right side of the middle Popsicle. In order to get that KONG letter, you will have to stand on the Popsicle that is to the left of the letter. It will start to slip off the stick, once you are low enough, you can just collect it and then quickly jump towards the next Popsicle. Just make sure to do this quickly and before the Popsicle slides off quickly.

Kong Letter #3:
Now just keep going forward and soon you will come across a springy watermelon with a vine above. Jump on it to reach the vine, hang on it and a Popsicle will appear. Jump on the Popsicle and then jump to the wooden platform to the right Go forward from there and you will see the third KONG letter. It will be hanging above a big owl between two falling red cubes. It is not tough to grab the letter. Just make sure to not get crushed between the red cubes.

Kong Letter #4:
Now you will come across the tunnel, run across it and continue forward. Soon, you will reach another tunnel. There will be the last KONG letter in that tunnel. It will be floating between the spikes that are lined on the ceiling. Watch your head when you jump up to grab it.

These are all the steps that you need to take to get all four KONG letters. Just make sure to avoid all obstacles and especially watch out for those spikes in the tunnel.