Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze – Grassland Groove KONG Letters

The Level Grassland Groove is a grassy level that has different animals in it. The level is exciting and filled with a lot of adventure. If you want to get all of the four KONG letters on your way towards the end of the level then follow the guide below:
Kong Letter #1:
Getting the first KONG letter is a piece of cake in this level. To get the first letter, go to the right as the level starts and you will come across a Kong Barrel, get your preferred Kong buddy and continue to the right. You will come across two dancing trees. Go past those dancing trees, and you will spot the first KONG letter that will be floating in the sky. But you will not be able to reach the KONG letter as it will be high in the sky. To get it, you will have to cut the grass beneath the letter by rolling. And that will raise a platform. Now you can easily grab the KONG letter by getting on that platform.

Kong Letter #2:
After getting the first KONG letter, continue to the right side and you will come across the first checkpoint pig. Go past and then continue forward through the dancing tree. Go forward and dodge the rolling spikes and you will reach the second set of the grassy ceiling. Move to the right and you will come across the barrel cannon, go inside it and it will shoot you forward. From there, you will go in another barrel cannon that will shoot in the background and you will land at the second checkpoint. Continue to the right and you will see necks of dancing animals. Climb on the neck of the giraffe and jump on the neck of the pink zebra to nab the KONG letter between them.

Kong Letter#3:
After you have collected the third Kong letter, go to the right side and you will come across a barrel cannon, hop inside the barrel cannon and you will be shot further to the right. Continue to the right side and you will see a grinning block on a platform that has grass beneath it. The third KONG letter will be floating above the grinning block clear as a day. Go on top of the platform and grab the third KONG letter.

Kong Letter #4:
Once you have grabbed the third KONG barrel, continue to the right side. And you will find giant snake shaped platforms. Navigate across those platforms and you will be able to see the fourth KONG letter clear as a day. Jump down and then bop the big owl on its head to collect the fourth KONG letter.

This is all there is to get all four KONG letters. Just follow the instructions above and you will get all the KONG letters before the level ends.