Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze – Irate Eight KONG Letters

The level Irate Eight has an eight and we don’t know what the purpose of that eight is. Anyways, there will be a lot of obstacles on the level so be careful while going towards the end of the level. And if you want to get all of the KONG letters, then follow the instructions given below:
Kong Letter #1:
As soon as the level starts, go ahead and start swimming. Make sure to dodge the mines that are floating or they will explode if you even go near to them. Down your path you will come across a chain that will block your path. Dash through the middle and it will break. Now grab a Kong buddy from the Kong barrel if you want and then keep on moving. You will come across some mines, activate one and run away; it will explode taking other mines with it. Now move along and you will see the first KONG letter between the two rotating mines. You need to be careful as these can explode. Just time your spin through them and collect the letter “K”.

Kong Letter #2:
Once you have grabbed the first KONG letter, continue going towards the right side and you will soon come across the checkpoint pig. Go past the checkpoint pig and you will spot the Dixie Barrel at a sort of a dead end. Release Dixie so you can swim much faster with her propelling skills. While you are doing that, a big octopus will smash the wall behind you and the chase will start. Swim upwards while staying on the screen and avoid the tentacles as they block your ascent. Avoid the falling obstacles and make your way towards the blast barrel while avoiding the tentacles and mines. You will soon land inside a moving blast barrel and at the top of your path, you will see the second KONG letter, shoot yourself in a timely manner so you can grab the KONG letter.

Kong Letter #3:
Once you blast yourself, you will go after the checkpoint pig. Keep moving forward while dodging the tentacles and grab a Kong buddy if you have last Dixie. Continue going forward and you will soon spot a ring of puffer fish that will be rotating. There will be the third KONG letter in the middle of that ring. Go ahead and get that third KONG letter.

Kong Letter #4:
Keep on playing the game and soon you will come across the checkpoint pig. Go past that checkpoint and you will enter the final phase of this level. You will now have to blast through the wall and the chase will begin once again. Go past the first tentacle and you will spot the first KONG letter. Be quick in grabbing it as you are chased by the giant octopus.

This is all there is to get all of the KONG letters. Just make sure to avoid all mines, fish, and tentacles while following the above-mentioned instructions to get the KONG letters.