Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze – Mountain Mania Puzzle Pieces

The Level Mountain Mania is staged on a mountain where there are a lot of enemies and crumbling floors. Make your way past all of them carefully. If you want to get all seven puzzle pieces on your way then follow the guide below. You will be able to get all of the pieces on the first try:
Puzzle Piece #1:
Go to the right and you will see the Rambi Rhino crate, smash it and ride the rhino. Now go back to the left and you will see Rambi Block. Jump down in the spikes (spikes won’t harm Rambi) and then smash the block and the first piece of the puzzle will appear in the hidden cove.

Puzzle Piece #2:
Continue to the right and you will see four Rambi blocks after a giant enemy. Smash those blocks and there is a board beneath them that will lead you to the secret room. Collect all the bananas in the room within 30 seconds and you will reveal the second piece of the puzzle.

Puzzle Piece #3:
After the secret room, you will reach to two pillars. Jump on the first one and both will start to sink. But you will reveal a slew of bananas. Grab all of them before they get out of your reach and you will get the third piece of the puzzle.

Puzzle Piece #4:
Continue moving and past the first checkpoint, you will come across some jumping enemies, defeat them and continue going to the top by hopping on the platforms and you will see three towers. There will be bells at the top of all three towers, hit them all to reveal the fourth piece of the puzzle from the last bell.

Puzzle Piece #5:
Keep going forward and you will come across the second checkpoint and past that, there is a cymbal on the ground. Slam the cymbal three times and you will be launched into the background. The whole curse will start to fall apart. Keep moving and there will be a barrel before the first swing. Slap the ground on its front and you will reveal the fifth puzzle piece.

Puzzle Piece #6:
Keep on playing and just after the puzzle piece, there will be two big walrus foes. Keep on running and you will see bananas after the Kong letter N. Grab all of the bananas and you will reveal the sixth piece of the puzzle.
Puzzle Piece #7:
Keep playing the game and once you survive all the falling platforms, there will be barrel before the Blue Fire Owl. Just slam the ground and you will reveal the final piece of the puzzle. Go ahead and collect the seventh piece.
Follow all of the instructions mentioned above and soon you will be able to get all seven puzzle pieces of this level. Just play the level carefully as there are a lot of crumbling floors in it.